Sjögrens National Patient Conference 2016

Janet ChurchI am pleased to be speaking at this year’s National Patient Conference produced by the Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation. My keynote address will be Friday April 8, 2016 at 6:00pm. I hope you will join us, along with 400 or so other Sjögrens patients, to learn more about our Autoimmune disease and how we can live our best lives.

My speech is titled:

My Sjögrens Life

Relapse to Reinvention — Navigating the Changing Stages of Living with an Autoimmune Disease.

I will also post parts of the speech on this site, just in case you miss it. But I hope to see you at the Sjögrens National Patient Conference 2016!

Tips from my Moisture Seekers Article

Sjogrens Moisture SeekersMay 2015, the Sjögrens Foundation ran an article of mine in the newsletter The Moisture Seekers. Here are some of the tips I presented that may give you some ideas about managing your Sjögrens.

I embrace my disease – not fight it!

Instead of imagining an internal army kicking the sh** out of Sjögrens (as my friends who had successfully killed cancer had suggested), I found the imagery of embracing my Sjogrens to calm it down was what finally did the trick.

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